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Making and selling vegan cupcakes :)  Could life get any sweeter? I'm going to get PAID to feed non-vegans super yummy vegan food. It all starts with a cupcake...

And I'm officially a raw foodie now, I've sprouted my first pseudograin! I've graduated from the days of produce and wimpy deydrators to the greater level of neglecting wet food for days. Yes, you can call me a professional now.

And I got to use them for some raw Apple Cinnamon Energy Bars ~Quenelles~ ooh lala

They are yummy and energizing, the name doesn't lie.

And then lastly, the post-breakdancing meal. The electrolyte drink made from coconut water.

Not too many whacks before that top came off. Thanks for the lesson Adela :)

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I was too busy yesterday to post these so here they are in the now.

The Mediterranean Sun-dried Tomato Almond Bread.
The gross Mediterranean Sun-dried Tomato Almond Bread.

Here is yet more groceries... sigh. I spend way too much money at the grocery store.
But keep in mind that some of this was for a special occasion (dinner party)  and some is pantry stock and will last a couple weeks to a month.

The baby spinach, beans and pine nuts (good god they're expensive!) were for the meal I made last night (Italian Rice and Beans x 4)!
Everyone loved it though and I got birthday presents in exchange so it was all good.
The Hemp seed oil was hellaexpensive too but it should last a month or so.
And I finally found raw buckwheat groats!

And now the piece de resistance...


Yes? Too bad they were awful. I overmixed the batter and the cupcakes sank. And with all that SUGAR and FAT on top of them it just got ridiculous. There was way more icing than cupcake :(
Oh well. We had fun trying to eat them anyway. But UGH, just looking at them is making my teeth and head hurt all over again. Its amazing that not eating refined sugar for just a few days is enough to let you feel what sugar really does to the way you feel. Well not eating sugar for a few days and then eating like 6 tbsp in one cupcake ;P

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Oy, I am exhausted and I shouldn't be. I got a late start today because I had plans that were a bit up in the air so I was waiting for a phone call all morning. Had to skip skating because it rained but I finally met up for a late lunch and then headed to the grocery strore for a couple things to cook for dinner, I had a dinner party! :)
But I feel like absolute shit. Raw food made up only 20% of my intake today, like the total opposite is has been. My stomach is so bloated and achy. I have no physical or mental energy. Booo!

I made this Sundried Tomato Bread overnight. Meh. I'm going to through the rest out in the yard and give some squirrels a gourmet meal.
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I love love love that I bought The Thrive Diet. Today I followed his suggestions perfectly and I got so much done. So much. Like 3 days worth of stuff done around the house. It feels so amazing to have this much energy :D

And I ate so much today. I wish I would have taken pictures but I didn't so here it is in list form;
Almond-Banana Chocolate Smoothie
Blood Orange Juice and Lemon Juice Cocktail
Direct Fuel Bites (pre-WO)
OJ, Water and Salt (peri-WO)
Raw Organic Food Bar (post-WO)
Cucumber Tomato Salad & Baked Yam
Giant Leafy Greens and Root Vegetable Salad

How healthy and delicious is that?!

Here's the salad I made today. Its so basic and so good. Cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, S&P.

Also in my efforts to better plan ahead I prepped a bunch of bananas for freezing.

It reminds me of the final seen from The Birds... bananas, everywhere, watching... waiting.

And then I happened to open my RAW Uncook Book to the page that had a recipe for oil packed sun-dried tomatoes. How amazing considering I bought a bag of dry packed sun-dried tomatoes that I wanted to try oil-packing. So I got the herbs together.
To bad they haven't found a way to digitally smell things because this smelled a-m-a-z-i-n-g

Rosemary, oregano, tarragon (its so anise and dreamy) and my favorite, basil

Here is the finished product.

And finally the front of my dehydrator. Its taken this wonderfully delicious smelling bread hostage and won't give it back until midnight :(

Its been on there for years so I'll never forget it :)

Gotta love fortune cookie philosophy.

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Woke up, 6 am
I feel so far from where I've been
Got my eggs and my pancakes chocolate banana smoothie too
Got agave nectar
Everything but yoooouu

Hah, seriously though. I had a smoothie for breakfast checked my email. And headed off to the store for a few things, mainly sundried tomatoes and zucchini for the bread I planned to make.

EEK! But to be fair, a lot of those are pantry stock items. If there wasn't a sale on sundried tomatoes I would not have bought so much. The flax, soap, amaranth and herbs are going to last for at least a month. So if we're talking about what the price would be for just what I'll use in the next 4 days... $13.13. Whew, much less scary.

Later I made a delicious and simple blood orange and lemon "cocktail" and started to make some "dough" for some raw bread.

Last night I thought ahead and made Direct Fuel Bites from the Thrive Diet so I could have one before I brokedance today.

Didn't notice until this morning there was a variation that involved cocao nibs, but these were seriously good on their own. Super creamy and sweet.

Danced for about 45 mins and took the suggestion of having a 3 parts juice/1 part water with added salt. It totally worked! It never occured to me to add sodium to my peri-WO drink. Duh!
Anyway, today I finally was able to do 3 consecutive helicopters without landing on my knees!

FYI, that's not me ;P

After dancing I ate a raw organic food bar that I had bought from the market because I didn't have any homemade ones on hand. It was (1) really good & (2) worked at keeping my energy up. After dancing I did some pushups, pullups and ab exercises.

It doesn't stop there, oh no. I did tai chi outside and it was warm and breezy and oh so beautiful and magical and there is no place I'd rather be. I also did a tiny bit of bagua walking but I suck so hard at it I stopped.

Took a shower and now I'm making this post and about to go eat a cucumber tomato salad and a sweet potato. Yum!

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I <3 Tim Gunn

I woke up. Checked my email and then went inline skating for an hour with a few high-intensity intervals (I kept up with a car speeding in a 20mph zone!). More cardio than I've done for the past couple of months. It was a HUGE reminder why I used to only do cardio at the end of the day, I just got totally wiped out exhausted for hours and hours afterwards, took a nap, got nothing done. I didn't follow any of the suggestions of The Thrive Diet so I'll have today to compare to the next time I go and actually apply what I've learned, see how much it helps.
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I took pictures of everything I ate today in order to get a general idea if I was anywhere near the suggestions of The Thrive Diet.

I'm sure glad I did because now I can see why I just ate a PB & J (not pictured, just imagine it okay), I'm not eating enough!

But I think I did okay with the amounts of the food I did eat (well at least before the PB&J, that was just hunger taking over).

Starting with fibrous vegetables... I'd estimate them at well over 50%.
Don't agree with that, just take a look at that salad from the side

Its a quarter head of romaine, a beet with its greens, a portobello, a carrot and oil/vinegar/s&p.

Fruit however is definitely less than 20%. Even if I include the delicious limonade I made with my mexi dinner

juice from 1/2 lemon
juice from 1 lime
agave syrup to taste


That bottom right picture is what I made for dinner. Quinoa, black beans and homemade enchilada sauce w/lime juice and zest topped with tomatos, onions and jalapenos. So that covers legumes and pseudograins. And the top right picture is my take on the Bora Bora bar... yeah it didn't go as easy as I thought. Too much rice syrup made it a bit too sweet and unable to hold shape so it had to be eaten with a spoon. But whatever, that covered my seed intake.
So for the legume, seed, pseudograin intake... a bit less than 20% too.

As far as oils & nuts... way way less than the recommended 10%. Probably less than even half that. I believe its low because I was afraid it was going to be high so I held off. So its good to know I can go with what feels more normal next time.

And thats that. Hopefully tomorrow doesn't end with me eating PB&J ;)

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So I stacked a prettier lasagna today. Plating is so much harder than it looks on Iron Chef ;P

Then this evening I went to the grocery store and spent $23 on what will feed me for 4 days. I don't know if thats expensive or not (I'm trying to learn to budget for the days my parents don't pay for my food) but everything is organic so I consider it all necessary.

Frozen mango (the fresh ones were spoiled)
Frozen Blackberries
Beets & their greens (Just tried the greens for the first time ever and they are sooooo good)
Red Delicious Apples
A Bora Bora bar

The Bora Bora bar caught my eye because the Thrive Diet recommend seeds and I usually have a tough time eating finding ways to incorporate seeds so I thought I'd try it and if I like it I can make an imitation.

Let me tell you, it was fantastic!

Heres the ingredients. I have everything for them in my kitchen (except puffed brown rice, who needs puffed brown rice?) so I guess I'll get started experimenting.

Oh, and my birthday present to myself arrived today!

They are so comfortable, I wasn't expecting them to be so that was a great suprise.

And I've been phasing out all my leather because its hard to explain what veganism is about when you have leather shoes on. So as soon as these arrived I took my walking shoes down to the donation center. I also took my work shoes down because I've decided to quit my job! Again ;P

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New York, New York!

I have to get my ass up there as soon as summer starts.

Reason #1, gotta see family.

Reason #2, Candle 79 Barbeque Seitan Sandwich

I've been craving seitan so badly but with the way things are going if I eat it, I'm just going to end up feeling like shitake :(

Oooh, perfect segue...

I have been reading

And so far I'm really happy that I decided to read it (because I was initially going to return just after flipping through it.) The author is an endurance athlete and vegan. He is mostly raw and the creator of VEGA sports supplements (a, maybe even the only, raw protein supplement). The book isn't about a diet to lose weight, even though after searching the vegan section for it, the weightloss section is where I found it. Its a book for finding the healthiest diet to be active on. And that is what I'm after.

I am really wanting to be able to confidently deny animal tested medicine, no matter my situation, one day in the near future. Its totally obvious that if I want to do this I should do every thing in my power to have a strong healthy body. Thats what attracted me to eating more raw food. In my heart, head and gut I started to feel that vegetables cooked until they were limp, blackend crusts, canned beans, dessert... are not doing my body any favors, in fact they're robbing me of what I want from my body. I want to take care of my organs like they are the most precious things I own, because they are! I want to truely love myself :)

So far most of the book so far is concentrating on stress, recovery (from working out), digestion and enzymes. I'm a HUGE fan of learning about digestion so I'm loving this book. The enzymes are something that I've been learning about in detail this past year and he is making it even more clear how important they are to more than digestion.

How is this going to affect you though, the viewers? Well he made up his own food pyramid and I really dig it because its basically how I've been eating as of lately (minus the cupcakes) but with some changes that sound good. Changes to boost energy and recovery. Heres the short of it,

Fibrous vegetables: 45%
Fruit: 20%
Legumes, seeds, sprouts and pseudograins: 20%
Oils, nuts, avocados and coconuts: 10%
Starchy vegetables and whole grains: 5%

And those are all by volume. I was thinking this could get interesting if I take pictures of all my foods of one day from the same distance and make a post out of them in order to illustrate the volume relationship between them. Because right now I have no clue what 20% of my daily volume of food looks like. It honestly seems at first to be obsessive to find this out but I think after a few go-s at it I'll be able to estimate pretty well.


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